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Let’s Start with Sons of Anarchy: The Prospect and my work at Orpheus Interactive. I was initially brought on to work on gameplay programming and level scripting. But have since then I had a large hand in the games menu, HUD, and Dialog systems as well. On top of those I took on the refactoring and porting of our lighting solution after it broke in the Unity 5 Port.

Mournful Horn was built in 48 hours as part of the 2016 Global Game Jam, based on the theme "Ritual". It was a project I greatly enjoyed working, and felt I learned a lot participating in. It’s not every weekend that you get to concept and take a game to completion with a team of great people. On this project I worked on the aiming system, shaders, the animators and the input event system.

UGUITween is a tool I built for Unity’s UI system that came into play for Unity 4.6. It provides basic tweens as components and static methods, as well as some helper components for animating UI buttons. I made this tool because I was missing the tweening features that were in NGUI after I moved to the 4.6 UI system. As a result of being familiar with the old NGUI system I built the public side of the API to be very familiar to users of NGUI.

2.5D is a little personal project I have been working on where I tried to build a puzzle game around a forced perspective trick, to give the illusion of a 3d area being flattened to 2d. The objective is to solve a 3D puzzle by flattening the puzzle and using the 6 different orthographic views to solve. I designed this game for mobile from the ground up as a way to teach myself how to work with touch controls, so the game is made to work with all swipe gestures and taps. I found the mechanic to be very interesting as well and want to eventually complete and release this one to the store. Here is a video that shows the mechanic in motion

MayaCharm is a plugin I wrote for PyCharm and the Intellij platform with the purpose of teaching myself Java. I choose to build this plugin since it brings the really useful feature of being able to have PyCharm directly talk to Maya while writing python plugins and scripts for Maya. It lets you execute code directly in Maya __main__ namespace from PyCharm as well as auto attaching the debugger for those lucky to have the professional version of PyCharm. The plugin also provides a listener for Maya’s console right in PyCharm as well.

Python and Tech Art is how I originally got into programming so early on I have built a lot of tools for Maya in Python. Some of the tools I have made is a pipeline script for Unreal Engine which automates the process of generating convex collision hulls, sets of lod’s and does a batch fbx export to engine. Aside from those I have made a few tools for modeling with curves being CurvyEdges which lets you control edge loops with Bezier or Nurbs curves and pbRenderableCurve with gives Maya a renderable curve. On top of these I got many more small utility scripts for Maya in my GitHub.